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It’s so telling that the very taxonomy of our species is weighted around the word ‘being’ into our identity. That being fully human is in letting others be, and giving back their humanity

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Most of you know that this has been a long time coming- but after many tears, prayers and years, Jobin and I booked our one-way tickets to Uganda together on our knees. As we vowed at our wedding altar, “May our lives forever be spent broken like bread, poured out like wine and laid down for the least of these. And in our covenant & our calling, to take a hold of that which Love has taken a hold of us - from slums, villages or orphanages- as we live on earth as it is in Heaven”.
Please remember us in prayer as we prepare to move across the ocean- June 17th, 2014 💛

Let our lives be known by our Love

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The ones who have a place to be in my arms, also remind me of the place I belong in the hands of Heaven

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Let our lives be known by our love

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May the prayer be that our works speak louder than our words

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The real joy in life is in the giving, not the getting

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Our stories are always knitted together

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Love without rhyme or reason

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God’s love is like an ocean; you can only see the beginning (Taken with Instagram)

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the power of Love from life’s first cry to final breath

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To do something beautiful for love, and become beautiful doing it (Taken with Instagram)

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I’m not alone on the road less traveled (Taken with Instagram)

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There’s a dependence on the Divine that grows with the silence of loved ones, for the familiar in the faraway (Taken with Instagram at Masaai Mara)

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For the kingdom coming, till kingdom come (Taken with Instagram)

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Redemption is still writing stories from metal shacks of the marginalized (Taken with Instagram at Korah Leper Hospital)